The materials used in composite decking continue to improve because it is a great alternative that offers low maintenance compared to wood. We use innovative materials for our composite products that have been in existence for more than a decade and are globally recognised and trusted. The materials are comprised of 60% bamboo fibres and 40% recycled plastics. A lot of modern homes and buildings have incorporated our products because they provide aesthetic beauty and a long-lasting experience.

Although it has so many more advantages compared to wood, the initial cost of composite decking may be high, but let’s look into this further.

Firstly, what are the maintenance implications on the natural timber products on an annual basis?

Let’s use a 50m² deck for this example

  • The cost of a pine deck starts at R950 p/m² excl VAT.
  • In other words, you will pay about R47 500 excl VAT on having a 50m² pine deck installed, which may be the cheapest type of timber deck, but obviously not the best type of timber deck.
  • Maintenance costs of sanding, sealing and treating a timber deck will be between R120 – R150 p/m² ex VAT.
  • Therefore, this means you will incur a minimum of R6000 excl VAT for maintenance costs on a timber deck of 50m².
  • Think about it in 10 years’ time, the maintenance cost alone on a pine deck of 50m² over that time period will be R60 000 excl VAT and that is IF the pine deck even lasts that long.
  • Now in terms of a natural pine deck, the expected life span is 6 – 8 years maximum.
  • This means that within the next 10 years you can accommodate for a full replacement on that deck and add the initial price of the deck into your 10-year calculation of costs for the replacement and maintenance.
    • That R47 500 excl VAT for the initial cost of the pine deck
    • R60 000 excl VAT  on maintenance over the first 10-year period
    • Another R47 500 excl VAT to replace the pine deck after 10 years
    • Another R60 000 excl VAT on maintenance over a 10-20 year period
    • That’s a total of R215 000 excl VAT that you’ll be spending over a 20-year on a pine deck
  • Now, the cost of a 50m² deck on our Eva-Tech™ range will be roughly R80 000 excl VAT and on our Infinity™ the cost will be roughly R95 000 excl VAT.
  • During this entire 10 year period, your maintenance cost on our composite deck will be R0.

Let’s assume you opt for our Infinity™ range; you will be saving about R120 000 excl VAT over this 20-year period and above all, you won’t have to worry or stress about maintenance on the composite deck EVER or all the hassle that goes along with such maintenance.

Our Infinity™ range comes with a 25-year warranty. With the systems and materials we use you are looking at simply the initial investment to build the deck, and that’s your finished price for the next 25 years