The facade is the face of your home. And to make it beautiful Aesthetic Homes offers a new and innovative high performance composite facade cladding system which has a timeless beauty, high degree of UV-resistance, is low-maintenance, durable and gives your home an extra protection against the weather while upgrading your building.

The low maintenance wood plastic composite decorative wall panels are getting more and more popular, it is widely used in the outdoor wall decoration of residential houses, office buildings and commercial buildings.

Aesthetic Homes’ wall cladding panels are made of high strength, water-resistant, and strong weather resistant composite materials, which are easy and convenient to install, safe and qualified in application and are the new landscape materials in modern city house & commercial building.

Our panels provide a dramatic appearance for any building’s exterior, and with full finishes to choose from, can complement all architectural elements on the building’s envelope.

Aesthetic Homes’ composite panels combine compelling aesthetics and next generation architectural cladding to create limitless possibilities and opens up a world of innovative design possibilities to give your building an exceptional appearance. It also offers excellent dimensional stability for fabrication into an endless variety of shapes and sizes.

Our composite panels offer beautiful design flexibility by combining bold visual effects with a high-quality product and high flexibility regarding design. It has a good energy-efficiency and sustainability, while providing unmatched performance and stunning visual effects for any for any residential, commercial or retail application.

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