Aesthetic Homes offers the following composite products:

  • Decking
  • Cladding
  • Screens
  • Gates
  • Pergolas
  • Bomas
  • Railings
  • Furniture
  • Custom Designs
  • TIER™ Indoor Flooring

We are also experienced Structural Steel specialists.

The materials used in composite decking continue to improve because it is a great alternative that offers low maintenance compared to wood. We use innovative materials for our composite products that have been in existence for more than a decade and are globally recognised and trusted. The materials are comprised of 60% bamboo fibres and 40% recycled plastics. A lot of modern homes and buildings have incorporated our products because they provide aesthetic beauty and a long-lasting experience.

Although it has so many more advantages compared to wood, the initial cost of composite decking may be high, but let’s look into this further.

Firstly, what are the maintenance implications on the natural timber products on an annual basis?
Let’s use a 50m² deck for this example

  • The cost of a pine deck starts at R950 p/m² excl VAT.
  • In other words, you will pay about R47 500 excl VAT on having a 50m² pine deck installed, which may be the cheapest type of timber deck, but obviously not the best type of timber deck.
  • Maintenance costs of sanding, sealing and treating a timber deck will be between R120 – R150 p/m² ex VAT.
  • Therefore, this means you will incur a minimum of R6000 excl VAT for maintenance costs on a timber deck of 50m².
  • Think about it in 10 years’ time, the maintenance cost alone on a pine deck of 50m² over that time period will be R60 000 excl VAT and that is IF the pine deck even lasts that long.
  • Now in terms of a natural pine deck, the expected life span is 6 – 8 years maximum.
  • This means that within the next 10 years you can accommodate for a full replacement on that deck and add the initial price of the deck into your 10-year calculation of costs for the replacement and maintenance.
    • That R47 500 excl VAT for the initial cost of the pine deck
    • R60 000 excl VAT on maintenance over the first 10-year period
    • Another R47 500 excl VAT to replace the pine deck after 10 years
    • Another R60 000 excl VAT on maintenance over a 10-20 year period
    • That’s a total of R215 000 excl VAT that you’ll be spending over a 20-year on a pine deck
  • Now, the cost of a 50m² deck on our Eva-Tech™ range will be roughly R80 000 excl VAT and on our Infinity™ the cost will be roughly R95 000 excl VAT.
  • During this entire 10 year period, your maintenance cost on our composite deck will be R0.

Let’s assume you opt for our Infinity™ range; you will be saving about R120 000 excl VAT over this 20-year period and above all, you won’t have to worry or stress about maintenance on the composite deck EVER or all the hassle that goes along with such maintenance.

Our Infinity™ range comes with a 25-year warranty. With the systems and materials we use you are looking at simply the initial investment to build the deck, and that’s your finished price for the next 25 years

The products we use are the perfect alternative to timber, with two composite ranges to choose from, the first generation composite range, available in solid and hollow profiles, as well as Infinity™, the latest and most superior co-extruded composite range designed for outdoor as well as indoor use. Both range options are available in a variety of colours, finishes and dimensions, to cater for your style and specific application.

The innovation of co-extrusion technology resulted in the development of the Infinity™ range. This advancement allowed for the cellulose-polymer composite to be wrapped in a protective cap, further improving the product’s longevity.

Our composite products are made from the combination of 2 types of materials:

  1. 60% bamboo fibres
  2. 40% recycled plastics

This unique combination of nature and technology offers the aesthetics of natural wood, but with the strength and durability of plastic.

Firstly, it’s important to point out that nearly ANY type of surface will get uncomfortably hot on a scorching day with a blazing sun. Creating shade over your deck by planting trees, constructing an awning or pergola, or adding an umbrella can minimise direct sun exposure and dramatically reduce heat build-up. Another alternative is a misting system. There are many setups available that can attach to your house or an outdoor structure such as a pergola, which can help to drastically reduce the absorption of heat from your deck. The aforementioned methods also aid as an aesthetically pleasing addition to your deck and garden/swimming pool area as a whole.

Let’s consider a wooden deck for a moment. Solar weathering breaks a wooden deck down in a different manner than weathering by moisture. When a deck sits under the intense rays of the sun, over time the supple, strong structure of the wood succumbs to the drying power of ultraviolet radiation. Paired with deep water weathering, wooden boards can severely get damaged on the surface and suffer from deeper structural damage below the surface if not regularly maintained.

UV rays are the active agent of solar weathering. As I mentioned above, these rays literally cook and dry out the cellular structure of wooden decking boards. Thankfully, only the fibers near the surface of the board are affected, but UV damage still leads to an unattractive surface and opens the deck up to moisture infiltration. This domino effect can lead to more serious damage and structural instability. While composite decking products can also retain heat after a long day in direct sunlight, they won’t rot or decay or come under attack from termites and other insects, let alone splintering, cracking or shrinking.

A deck and its supporting structure are going to be exposed to the weather. It is essential that a suitable type of material is chosen for the decking boards and the supporting structure. Composite decking boards are manufactured with a high-performance shell that wraps around the exposed top and sides of the composite board to protect it from the elements, providing resistance to fading, staining, scratching and mould.

The earlier versions of composite decking had difficulty with the sun, losing their colour and having the capping material peel off of the board. The best, newest versions of composite decking contain UV resistant compounds within their capping material. This has created a decking board that won’t fray under the rays of the full sun. Fully Capped Composite is a modern material comprised of recycled materials. It is designed to resist the elements, though some types do that better than others.

The benefit of composite is that while even the most solar-resistant wooden boards require regular staining and oiling, fully capped composite decking doesn’t require any maintenance whatsoever to keep the boards in good shape, structurally and aesthetically. This characteristic makes composite a great decking choice for homes in warm climates.

There are a lot of variables to keep in mind when considering a composite deck, such as colour, sunlight strength, sufficient ventilation and density of the board. Lighter coloured boards tend to be slightly cooler than darker composite boards. In extensive studies, it has been found that regardless if it’s made of composite or wood, the colour of the decking board, is the most significant factor in the “heat retention” of the board.

After 20 to 25 years, composite decking, with no sun-protecting maintenance performed on them, are as strong and beautiful as the day they were installed.

Our Infinity™ range was actually developed to deal with the intensely warm climate of Southern Africa, where we have an average of 10 hours of sun a day. Our composite decking comes with a full capping (that’s the protective substance that seals the board) that has UV inhibitors built into it. The innovation of co-extrusion technology resulted in the development of the Infinity™ range. This advancement allowed for the cellulose-polymer composite to be wrapped in a protective cap, further improving the product’s longevity. The engineered polymer coat is loaded with a variety of additives that result in an extremely robust outer layer. This layer protects the products from weathering and bio-degradation, even within particularly harsh conditions.

Our first generation boards have the same temperature as wood, obviously the darker the board, the little warmer it is and they come with a 10-year warranty. Our Infinity™ board is about 2-3 degrees cooler than wood, due to the additives that are in the capping. Infinity™ comes with 25-year warranty.

All things considered, the heat from a deck is not high on the concern list when thinking about decking. According to research, Low Maintenance is the number one reason people buy a composite deck. The benefits that low-maintenance decking provides, far outweigh the heat retention that it has.

Decks look relatively simple to build, and many people do not realise that decks are structures that need to be designed to adequately resist certain stresses similar to those of the foundation of a building. It should be capable of supporting weight of people and objects placed on them. The steel we use for our sub-structures does not warp, twist or bow over time. We use a pre-galvanized lip channel framing system that allows for aeration through the open channels and effectively lets moisture evaporates, meaning no rust issues. It is the ideal sub-structure solution. The G-struct framing system is ideal to stand the test of time in conjunction with our composite boards.

Yes, it is often the case that we are decking over an area that is tiled. Underneath the deck we use a galvanised steel framing system. In most cases only a few tiles need to be stripped in order to secure the framing system to the foundations. The application of our decks onto an existing tilted surface can be explained and assessed in detail by one of of professional sales experts.

Dramatic curves are a hallmark of our decking, railings, pergolas and bomas. The precise engineering of our pre-galvanized lip channel framing system makes the perfect canvas for our decking and bomas. Additionally, our railings can be curved to match staircases, bump-outs and nearly any custom perimeter.

Our Eva-Tech™ range comes with a 10-year warranty and our Infinity™ range comes with a 25-year warranty against splintering, splitting, rotting, warping or fading significantly.

Aesthetic Homes is based in Krugersdorp and serve the whole of Gauteng and surrounding areas. We will however take any large-scale project on anywhere in Southern Africa.

Yes, absolutely!

The breadth of our product lineup means that we have products to suit nearly any residential or commercial need. Our aesthetic products are widely used in commercial and public projects and work as well for commercial and multi-unit residential complexes as it does for your own backyard.

Definitely. One of Aesthetic Homes’ very experienced and professional sales experts will come to your home or commercial property for a free and no-obligation design consultation. He’ll conduct a comprehensive needs analysis to help identify exactly what you’re looking for. The sales expert will also take measurements of the area where the product needs to be installed. During the consultation, the sales expert will provide you with a brochure of our various products and samples of our various composite materials, as well as explaining our two composite ranges in more detail with you.

Now that Aesthetic Homes has a clear picture of what you’re looking for we can start with the design process. We’ll work with you to refine that custom plan to your satisfaction prior to breaking ground on your project. We’ll provide you with detailed three-dimensional drawings of the decking layout based on the most cost effective laying patterns and to illustrate your proposed structure from a variety of angles, together with a full turnkey costing for supply and fit of the entire project.

We have 8 installation teams and 4 teams usually become available each week. We are able to install approximately 10m² / day. Thus, if your area is 100 meter squared, it would take us about 10 working days to install your deck.

Our products are designed for a ultra-low-maintenance experience. A simple soap-and-water wash is all it takes. For more details, refer to our Cleaning and Care section.