So you have been contemplating for a while now whether to get that deck of your dreams or not. “It’s too expensive and it’s not really a necessity”, you think to yourself. You entertain the idea some more but you are still not convinced.

I’m going to prove to you why now, more than ever before, is the perfect time to get that aesthetic garden feather which is going to make you the envy of the neighbourhood.

What are Composite Decks?

The term, “decks”, is derived from the use of the word “decks” as found on ships. Various types of decks are available in our modern-day world. However, in our opinion composite decks are by far the superior choice.

Today composite decking is the fastest-growing decking materials sold. Composite decking is a rapidly expanding market and is beginning to show itself as a viable alternative to your standard wooden decks.

Composite decks are primarily made from a mixture of wood particles and recycled materials such as plastic bottles or plastic bags. The result is an extremely weather- and stain-resistant board that won’t splinter, warp, rot or crack; it’s also denser and stronger than wooden decks.

Why should you invest in one?

Decks can be used in gardens, landscapes, public walkways, boardwalks, wooden terracing, constructions in wood, all-weather garden features and of course your pool; in essence, it can help to extend the living area of your home.

Investing in a deck can be the platform, so to speak, for many memories to be created with family and friends while gathering at the sparkling blue pool, around a braai and drinking cocktails as the African sun is setting. Or what about a Sunday morning brunch or simply having dinner in the evenings with the family and sharing the highlights of the day.

But don’t be fooled into thinking that composite is limited to decking only…

Various Composite Products

Aesthetic Homes is a proud installer of Eva-last products only and we have a variety of composite products on offer such as cladding, screens, gates, pergolas, balustrades and bomas.

When considering whether to invest in a deck or not, remember, that is exactly it, you will be investing in your home and it will add tremendous value to your property.

So as a final note, take advantage of South Africa’s warm climate and soak up the sun on your new deck while at the same time increasing your living space and adding value to your residence.